Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Meat Madness (DV1306H)

Season Thirteen, Episode Six

Meat Madness - Original Airdate 1/16/2012

This trip, Guy Fieri goes all animal. In Charleston, South Carolina, the husband and wife duo flying high for all things bird, like a duck club with homemade garlic mayo. In Queens, New York, a Cuban family crankin' out totally traditional steak and chicken dishes, like ropa vieja and arroz con pollo. And in Vancouver, British Columbia, the bar turned sausage joint stuffing, casing, and serving up links like the Thai chicken sausage.

*We think*
The Early Bird Diner - website
1644 Savannah Highway, Charleston, SC 29407 - map
(843) 277-2353
Twitter: @EarlyBirdDiner

Rincon Criollo - website
40-09 Junction Blvd., New York, NY 11372 - map
(718) 639-8158

Falconetti's East Side Grill - website
1812 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada - map
(604) 251-7287

Airs on the Food Network
Jan 16, 2012 - 10:00 PM ET/PT
Jan 17, 2012 - 1:00 AM ET/PT
Jan 27, 2012 - 9:00 PM ET/PT

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Scratch Made Classics (DV1305H)

Season Thirteen, Episode Five

Scratch Made Classics - Original Airdate 12/26/2011

This trip, some of Guy Fieri's favorites are totally homemade from coast to coast. In Manhattan, New York, a real deal chef is crankin' out homemade pretzels with a special beer cheese sauce. In Vancouver, British Columbia, the butcher shop turned bakery and diner is servin' up standards like burgers and turkey pot pie. And in Santa Barbara, California, the family-run joint scratch makin' authentic Mexican food, like carnitas with red salsa and pozole with homemade tortillas.

The Redhead Restaurant - website
349 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10003 - map
(212) 533-6212

Save-on-Meats - website
43 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC V6B - map
(604) 569-3568
Twitter: @saveonmeats

Lito's Take Out - (no website)
514 E Haley St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103 - map
(805) 962-1559

Airs on the Food Network
Dec 26, 2011 - 10:00 PM ET/PT
Dec 27, 2011 - 1:00 AM ET/PT
Jan 06, 2012 - 9:00 PM ET/PT

Monday, December 19, 2011

Southern Staples (DV1304H)

Season Thirteen, Episode Four

Southern Staples - Premiere date 12/19/11

This trip, Guy Fieri is traveling all over the country searching for a taste of the South. In Vancouver, British Columbia, Southern staples are served with a twist, like the pulled pork pancakes with a side of Jack Daniels syrup. In Charleston, South Carolina, the local football legend is cranking out some real deal comfort food with favorites like sweet tea-marinated pork chops and deep-fried hot dogs topped with chili. And in New York City, the South heads north for scratch-made fried chicken and homemade peach cobbler.

Red Wagon Cafe - website
2296 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1V4, Canada - map
(604) 568-4565
Twitter: @redwagoncafe

Perfectly Frank's - no website
118 North Main Street, Summerville, SC 29483 - map
(843) 871-9730

Mama's Food Shop - website
200 East 3rd St., New York, NY 10009 - map
(212) 777-4425

Airs on the Food Network
Dec 31, 2011 - 4:00 PM ET/PT
Jan 01, 2012 - 6:00 PM ET/PT
Jan 04, 2012 - 6:00 PM ET/PT

Monday, December 12, 2011

Kid Rock's Detroit Tour (DV1303H)

Season Thirteen, Episode Three

Kid Rock's Detroit Tour - Premiere date 12/12/11

This trip, Guy Fieri's taking Kid Rock's lead on a tour through D-town. Just outside of Detroit in Clarkston, Michigan, Guy tries one of Kid Rock's favorites, the mackinest mac 'n cheese, in a renovated church. On the same block, Guy and Kid Rock check out a neighborhood favorite scratch making bacon and hot links for one mammoth sandwich. And in Webberville, Michigan, Kid Rock shows Guy the secret behind his own unique brew.

Video for Guy Fieri and Kid Rock's Detroit Tour (full episode)

Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen - no website
54 S Main St., Clarkston, MI 48346 - map
(248) 620-6100

Union Wood Shop - website
18 South Main Street, Village of Clarkston, MI 48346 - map
(248) 625-5660

Webberville Brewery & Pub - website
1093 Highview Drive, Webberville, MI 48892 - map
(517) 521-3600

Recipes from this episode
Marylou's Stuffed Peppers - Clarkston Union - Executive Chef Scott Laufer and Marylou Waggoner
The Porker - Union Woodshop - Executive Chef Aaron Cozadd

Monday, December 5, 2011

Coast to Coast Classics (DV1302H)

Season Thirteen, Episode Two

Coast to Coast Classics - Original Airdate 12/5/11

This trip, Guy Fieri's driving the Camaro all over the nation for some real deal eats. In Tampa Bay, Florida, chili and burgers are the long-standing stars at a roadside shack, and Guy invents a new half pounder for the menu - the Triple D Triple Play. And in Vancouver, British Columbia, the old-school nostalgia joint's roasting beef and servin' it up with Yorkshire pudding and a killer french dip, plus stuffing steak and mushrooms into the perfect pie.

Danny's All American Diner - website
4406 N Falkenburg Road, Tampa, Florida 33610 - map
(813) 740-0606
Twitter: @DannysDiner

Tomahawk Restaurant - website
1550 Philip Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2V8, Canada - map
(604) 988-2612

Recipes in this episode:
Danny's Mojo Pork - Danny's All-American Diner - Danny Doak

Monday, November 28, 2011

Seafood & Sammies (DV1301H)

Season Thirteen, Episode One

Seafood & Sammies - Original Airdate 11/28/11

This trip, Guy Fieri's going for surf and turf between the slices. In Vancouver, British Columbia, a food truck shuckin' and frying oysters for a po boy and topping crispy fries with a mean seafood chowder. In Detroit, Michigan, the 18,000 foot joint giving savory brisket a beer batter bath and a place on a fresh panini. And in Chicago, Illinois, the Italian market scratch making meats for the meatball hero and the crispy porchetta sandwich.

Fresh Local Wild - website
SE corner of Hastings and Burrard, Vancouver, BC, Canada - map

Traffic Jam & Snug Restaurant - website
511 West Canfield Street Detroit, MI 48201 - map
(313) 831-9470

Panozzo's Italian Market - website
1303 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605 - map
(312) 356-9966

Airs on the Food Network
Dec 31, 2011 - 7:00 PM ET/PT
Jan 01, 2012 - 5:00 PM ET/PT

Monday, November 21, 2011

Old to New (DV1213H)

Season Twelve, Episode Thirteen

Old to New - Original Airdate 11/21/11

This trip, Guy Fieri's in for some old school favorites and new school stunners. In Detroit, Michigan, a Polish joint that's been around for decades, servin' up old standards like Hungarian pancakes with goulash. In Virginia Beach, Virginia, the little gift shop and cafe puttin' out totally homemade favorites like mama used to make, from chicken salad sandwiches to beef tenderloin. And in Vancouver, British Columbia, the innovative diner run by a couple of rockin' new wave chefs, servin' up homemade pulled pork with slaw.

Video for Jethro's Fine Grub

Polish Village Café - website
2990 Yemans St., Hamtramck, MI 48212 - map
(313) 874-5726

Leaping Lizards Cafe - website
4408 Shore Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23455 - map
(757) 460-5327

Jethro's Fine Grub - website
3420 Dunbar St., Vancouver, BC V6S - map
(604) 569-3441

Airs on the Food Network
Dec 31, 2011 - 8:00 PM ET/PT
Jan 01, 2012 - 3:00 AM ET/PT

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pizza, Pancakes and Pork (DV1212H)

Season Twelve, Episode Twelve

Pizza, Pancakes and Pork - Original Airdate 11/7/11

This trip, Guy Fieri and Triple D are all over the triple P. In Detroit, Michigan, a pizza joint crankin' out pies with totally homemade toppings, and a unique crepe-filled lasagna. In Virginia Beach, Virginia, a beachside breakfast favorite the locals come running to for their citrus orange glazed pancakes and innovative benedicts. And in Chicago, Illinois, the tiny dive servin' up flavor in massive proportions, like the melt-in-your-mouth pork belly sandwich.

Supino Pizzeria - website
2457 Russell St., Detroit, MI 48207 - map
(313) 567-7879

Citrus - no website
2265 W Great Neck Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23451 - map
(757) 227-3333

Big & Littles - website
860 N Orleans, Chicago, IL 60610 - map
(312) 943-0000
Twitter: @BIGnlittles

Airs on the Food Network
Dec 24, 2011 - 10:00 AM ET/PT
Dec 31, 2011 - 9:00 PM ET/PT
Jan 01, 2012 - 12:00 AM ET/PT

Monday, October 31, 2011

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (DV1211H)

Season Twelve, Episode Eleven

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - Original Airdate 10/31/11

This trip, Guy Fieri's tasting his way through the day. In Tampa Bay, Florida, authentic Mexican street food for the lunch crowd is served out of bus, crankin' out favorites like butternut squash tostadas. In Virginia Beach, Virginia, dinner at this popular seafood joint includes totally fresh oysters Rockefeller. And in San Antonio, Texas, a breakfast joint servin' up waffles filled with bacon and an old school pfannekuchen from a decades-old recipe.

Tampa Taco Bus - website
913 East Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604 - map
(813) 232-5889
Twitter: @tacobustampa

The Beach Pub - website
1001 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 - map
(757) 422-8817

The Magnolia Pancake Haus - website
606 Embassy Oaks, San Antonio, TX 78216 - map
(210) 496-0828
Twitter @mrpancake

Airs on the Food Network
Dec 24, 2011 - 9:30 AM ET/PT
Dec 25, 2011 - 6:00 PM ET/PT
Dec 31, 2011 - 10:00 PM ET/PT

Monday, October 24, 2011

Global Comfort (DV1210H)

Season Twelve, Episode Ten

Global Comfort - Original Airdate 10/24/11

This trip, Guy Fieri's travelin' the world of feel good food. In San Antonio, Texas, a native Puerto Rican cranks out one of Guy's all time favorites - mofongo. In Virgnia Beach, Virginia, an Italian mother/daughter duo treats everyone like family, servin' up family recipes for classics like homemade focaccia and stuffed meatballs. And in Chicago, Illinois, a bbq joint brings southern cookin' to the locals with favorites like cajun meatloaf and chicken fried chicken.

El Bohio Restaurant - Facebook
1127 Harry Wurzbach, San Antonio, TX 78209 - map
(210) 822-8075

Rigoletto Italian Bakery & Cafe - website
2181 Upton Dr. Suite 414, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 - map
(757) 427-3999

Chuck's Southern Comfort Cafe - website
6501 W. 79th Street, Burbank, IL 60459 - map
(708) 229-8700

Monday, October 17, 2011

Slammin' Sammies (DV1209H)

Season Twelve, Episode Nine

Slammin' Sammies - Original Airdate 10/17/11

This trip, Guy Fieri's goin' for the meat in the middle. In Virginia Beach, Virginia, a real deal bbq joint serves up burnt ends on a bun with homemade rub and bbq sauce. In San Antonio, Texas, a Greek owner hand rolls tortillas for Mexican favorites like fried puffy tacos stuffed with chicken. And in Chicago, Illinois, a gourmet restaurant vet brings fine dining to the bar with innovative burgers like bison with blueberry bbq sauce.

Whitner's Barbecue - website
869 Lynnhaven Parkway #106, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 - map
(757) 689-8215

Taco Taco Cafe - website
145 East Hildebrand Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78212 - map
(210) 822-9533

DMK Burger Bar - website
2954 N. Sheffield, Chicago, IL 60657 - map
(773) 360-8686
Twitter: @DMKBurgerBar

Monday, October 10, 2011

Latin Street Food (DV1208H)

Season Twelve, Episode Eight

Latin Street Food - Original Airdate 10/10/11

This trip, Guy Fieri's taste buds are dancing as he digs into all kinds of Latin favorites. In Chicago, Illinois, a mother/son duo serve up Costa Rican classics like chicharron with pico de gallo and Pepito sandwich with steak and black beans. In San Antonio, Texas, a modern take on Mexican empanadas, with fourteen varieties like chicken poblano with tomatillo sauce. And in Queens, New York, a local Mexican joint cranks out homemade Mexican masa tortillas for their authentic al pastor tacos.

Video for Irazu
For video from Tortilleria Nixtamal, click here

Irazu - website
1865 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60647 - map
(773) 252-5687

Beto's on Broadway - website
8142 Broadway St., San Antonio, TX 78209 - map
(210) 930-9393

Tortilleria Nixtamal - website
104-05 47th Ave., Corona, NY 11368 - map
(718) 699-2434

Recipes in this episode
Beto's Peruvian-Style Ceviche

Monday, October 3, 2011

Homemade & Homebrewed (DV1207H)

Season Twelve, Episode Seven

Homemade & Homebrewed - Original Airdate 10/3/11

This trip, Guy Fieri's mixin' his love of home cooking with his appreciation of homebrew. In Chicago, Illinois, a dive refines small plate Mexican with dishes like shiitake mushroom empanadas and flautas with homemade queso fresco. In Mooresville, Indiana, a New Orleans native is scratch cookin' hometown favorites like jambalaya and blackened catfish. And in Tampa Bay, Florida, the brew is flowing outside the tap and into the kitchen on favorites like meatloaf with homebrewed demi glace.

Video from Zydeco's

Chilam Balam - website
3023 N Broadway St., Chicago, IL 60657 - map
(773) 296 6901
Twitter: @ChilamBalamChi

Zydeco's - website
11 E Main St., Mooresville, IN 46158 - map
(317) 834-3900
Twitter: @zydecos

Tampa Bay Brewing Company - website
1600 E. 8th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605 - map
(813) 247-1422
Twitter: @TBBCo

Recipes in this episode
Red Eye and Cider Brew House Wings - Tampa Bay Brewing Co. - Ryan Kelly
Zydeco's 5 BBQ Shrimp - Zydeco's 5 - Carter Hutchinson

Guy Ate Here - Zydeco's

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gettin' Fresh (DV1206H)

Season Twelve, Episode Six

Gettin' Fresh - Original Airdate 9/26/11

This trip Guy Fieri's rolling in for farm-to-table cooking. In Boulder, Colorado, a college town favorite since the 1920's, where they're flipping grass-fed beef burgers. In Chicago, a family-run restaurant putting a twist on biscuits and gravy - with free-range duck. And in Norfolk, Virginia, a bunch of Triple D fans take us to a spot at a farmer's market, where everything in the meatloaf comes market fresh.

Video from The Sink
For video from Nana Organic, click here

The Sink - website
1165 13th St. Boulder, CO 80302 - map
(303) 444-7465
Twitter: @sinkburger

Nana Organic - website
3267 S. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60608 - map
(312) 929-2486

Get Fresh Cafe - website
2500 Church St., Norfolk, VA 23504 - map
(757) 966-6577

Recipes in this episode
Mash Medley - Get Fresh Cafe - Nic Renz
The Sink Chipotle BBQ - The Sink - Mark Heinritz
Get Fresh Cafe Meatloaf - Get Fresh Cafe - Nic Renz

Monday, September 19, 2011

Southern Flavor (DV1205H)

Season Twelve, Episode Five

Southern Flavor - Original Airdate 9/19/11

This trip Guy Fieri is heading all over the country for a taste of the south. In San Francisco, a whisky bar putting their own spin on a po' boy with avocado and fresh crab mayo. In Bradenton, Florida, a Cuban place where the classic holiday roast comes stuffed with chorizo. And in Denver, an old Victorian home turned restaurant, where they're scratch making southern favorites from peach cobbler to gumbo with cornbread.

Video from Jose's Real Cuban Food

Broken Record - website
1166 Geneva Ave., San Francisco, CA 94112 - map
(415) 963-1713

Bang! - website
3472 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO 80211 - map
(303) 455-1117

Jose's Real Cuban Food - website
8799 Cortez Road West, Bradenton, FL 34210 - map
(941) 795-4898
Twitter: @josesrealcuban

Recipes in this episode
Bang! Gumbo - Bang! - Jeff Oakley
Piccadillo - Jose's Real Cuban Food - Jose Baserva
Texas Tomato Toast with Roasted Garlic Spread and Homemade Ricotta - Broken Record - James Moisey

Monday, September 12, 2011

Grillin' and Smokin' (DV1204H)

Season Twelve, Episode Four

Grillin' and Smokin' - Original Airdate 9/12/11

This trip Guy Fieri is rolling out for something new from the grill - and more. In San Antonio, Texas, a 60-year-old drive-in where the owners are putting a Thai twist on classic Texas bar-b-que. In Denver, a Native American joint turning folks on to grilled, braised bison ribs topped with blueberry sauce. And in St. Petersburg, Florida, an old-school sundry shop and restaurant smoking chicken for their own Texas hash.

Video from Tocabe, an American Indian Eatery

Bun 'N' Barrel - website
1150 Austin Highway, San Antonio, TX 78209 - map
(210) 828-2829

Tocabe American Indian Eatery - website
3536 W. 44th Ave., Denver, CO 80202 - map
(720) 524-8282
Twitter: @tocabe

Munch's Restaurant & Sundries - website
3920 6th Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 - map
(727) 896-5972

Recipe in this episode
Green Chile Stew - Tocabe an American Indian Eatery - Ben Tocabe

Monday, May 23, 2011

You Can Only Get It Here (DV1203H)

Season Twelve, Episode Three

You Can Only Get It Here - Original Airdate 5/23/11

This trip Guy Fieri's finding funky flavors all over the country. In San Francisco, an Asian/American/Mexican fusion joint doing a Korean spicy pork burrito with homemade kimchee. In Indianapolis, a tamale spot loading homemade masa with everything from Mexican-spiced beef to apples with pecans. And on the south side of Chicago, a Belizean place serving classics like king fish in gravy with mashed plantains.

Video for HRD Coffee Shop

HRD Coffee Shop - website
521 3rd St., Ste A, San Francisco, CA 94107 - map
(415) 543-2355
Twitter: @garyathrdcoffee

The Tamale Place - website
5242 Rockville Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46224 - map
(317) 248-9771

Garifuna Flava Caribbean Cuisine - website
2516 W. 63rd St., Chicago, IL 60629 - map
(773) 776-7440
Twitter: @GarifunaFlava1

Recipes in this episode
Apple with Pecan Tamale - The Tamale Place, Leora Green
Split Peas and Pig Tails - Garifuna Flava Caribbean Restaurant - Rhodel Castillo, owner

Monday, May 16, 2011

From Kraut to Couscous (DV1202H)

Season Twelve, Episode Two

From Kraut to Couscous - Original Airdate 5/16/11

This trip Guy Fieri is heading out for some global flavor. In Brighton, Colo., a German joint specializing in homemade kraut and its own take on a kraut burger. In San Antonio, a Moroccan family restaurant doing the Moroccan Friday night favorite: couscous. And in Tampa, Fla., a taco to-go spot that's brought the California classic fish taco 3,000 miles east.

Video from Lauer Krauts

Lauer Krauts - website
26 S 6th Ave Unit B, Brighton, CO 80601 - map
(303) 654-9700

Moroccan Bites - website
5714 Evers Rd., San Antonio, TX 78238 - map
(210) 706-9700

California Tacos To Go - website
1450 Skipper Rd., Tampa, FL 33613 - map
(813) 971-8226

Recipes in this episode
Lamb Shank Tajine - Moroccan Bites
Pork Al Pastor - California Tacos To Go - Juan Carlos, Chef
Original Lauer-Kraut Burgers - Lauer Krauts - Mama Lori Lauer, "The Boss"

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bar Food and Bon Bons (DV1201H)

Season Twelve, Episode One

Bar Food and Bon Bons - Original Airdate 5/9/11

This trip Guy Fieri is rolling coast to coast for flavor. In Astoria, New York, a dive bar cranking out slow roasted lamb ribs with fresh tzatziki. In Geyserville, California, a third-generation Italian restaurant serving up the family meatball recipe in a slider. And in Indianapolis, a catering kitchen turned restaurant where something called tomato bon bons have become a local favorite.

Video from The Sparrow Tavern

The Sparrow Tavern - website
24-01 29th Street, Astoria, NY 11102 - map
(718) 606-2260

Catelli's Restaurant - website
21047 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville, CA 95441 - map
(707) 857-3471

Zest-Exciting Food Creations - website
1134 E 54th St # H, Indianapolis, IN 46220 - map
(317) 466-1853
Twitter: @ZestIndy

Recipes in this episode
Tomato Bon Bons - Zest - Valerie Vanderpool, Executive Chef
Jack's Sliders - Catelli's - Domenica Catelli, owner
Bifteki Burger Sandwich - The Sparrow Tavern - Evangelos Rounmeliotis and Pablo Garcia, owners

Monday, April 11, 2011

Porktastic (DV1113H)

Season Eleven, Episode Thirteen

Porktastic - Original Airdate 4/11/11

This trip, Guy Fieri is rolling north to south for pork every way. Near Indianapolis, a Cajun joint with a chef straight out of New Orleans doing his own smoked tasso and Southwest Louisiana boudin sausage. In San Antonio, Texas, a certified Napoletana pizza place, topping pies with everything from homemade sausage to prosciutto. And in Denver, Colorado, Triple D fans show us their favorite diner for green chili burritos with a Greek twist.

Video for Jimtown Store
For video from Sam's No. 3, click here
For video from Dough Pizzeria Napoletana, click here

*not described, but IN this episode.*
Jimtown Store - website
6706 California 128, Healdsburg, CA 95448 - map
(707) 433-1212
Twitter: @jimtownstore

Dough Pizzeria Napoletana - website
6989 Blanco Rd., San Antonio, TX 78213 - map
(210) 979-6565
Twitter: @DoughPizzeria

Sam's No. 3 - website
1500 Curtis St., Denver, CO 80202 - map
(303) 534-1927

Recipes in this episode
Dough Pulled Prosciutto Pizza - Dough Pizzeria Napoletana - Doug Horn, owner
Jimtown Chicken Sopa - Jimtown Store - The Jimtown Store Cookbook
Sam's No.3 Kickin' Green Chili - Sam's No.3, Sam, one of the owners

Monday, April 4, 2011

Signature Twists (DV1112H)

Season Eleven, Episode Twelve

Signature Twists - Original Airdate 4/4/11

This trip, Guy Fieri is rolling out for comfort food done right. In Indianapolis, a dog-friendly neighborhood joint doing their Barking Lard BLT with homemade bacon. In New Orleans, a place from the 1890s where they're still reinventing classics like jambalaya and green bean casserole. And in Winters, California, a little spot off the beaten path doing wood fired pizza.

Video from Putah Creek Cafe

Barking Dog Cafe - website
115 East 49th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205 - map
(317) 924-2233

The Old Coffee Pot Restaurant - website
714 Saint Peter Street, New Orleans, LA 70116 - map
(504) 524-3500

Putah Creek Cafe - website
210 Railroad Ave., Winters, CA 95694 - map
(530) 795-2682
Twitter - @putahcreekcafe

Recipes in this episode
San Francisco-Style Cioppino - Putah Creek Cafe - Frederick Reyes
Jambalaya - The Old Coffee Pot Restaurant - Dustin Palmisano
Chicken Lollipops - Barking Dog Cafe - Jeff and Mary Beth Gahimer, chef-owners

Monday, March 28, 2011

From Mozz to Matzo Balls (DV1111H)

Season Eleven, Episode Eleven

From Mozz to Matzo Balls - Original Airdate 3/28/11

This trip, Guy Fieri is pulling up to some longtime favorites. In Williston Park, New York, the 1920's candy and ice cream place that's added mozzarella sticks and rigatoni to an old school fountain menu. In Sonoma, California, a spot in a historic downtown building doing a lamb burger with an African twist and scratch made borscht. And in Denver, Colorado, a 2nd-generation, Jewish deli serving up grandma's matzo ball recipe.

Video from the Bagel Deli
For video from the Sunflower Caffe Espresso & Wine Bar, click here
For video from Hildebrandt's, click here

Hildebrandt's - website
84 Hillside Ave., Williston Park, NY 11596 - map
(516) 741-0608

Sunflower Caffe Espresso & Wine Bar - website
421 1st St West, Sonoma, CA 95476 - map
(707) 996-6645

The Bagel Deli - website
6439 E. Hampden Ave., Denver, CO 80222 - map
(303) 756-6667

Recipes in this episode
Pasta a la Mama - Hildebrandt's - Joanne Strano
Matzo Balls - The Bagel Deli - Rhoda Kaplan, owner
Chicken Salad - Sunflower Caffe - Curtis Dorsett

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fully Loaded (DV1110H)

Season Eleven, Episode Ten

Fully Loaded - Original Airdate 3/21/11

This trip, Guy Fieri is pulling in for some big flavor. In New Orleans, Louisiana, a corner restaurant and bar where the local seafood sandwich is so large they call it The Barge. In Carmel, Indiana, a joint serving Jersey cheese steaks topped 33 different ways. And in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Triple D fans show us their favorite spot for burgers, dogs and seafood.

Video from Merritt Canteen
For video from Katie's Restaurant and Bar, click here
For video from Jerseys Cafe, click here

Katie's Restaurant and Bar - website
3701 Iberville Street, New Orleans, LA 70119 - map
(504) 488-6582
Twitter: @Katiesmidcity

Jerseys Cafe - website
13710 North Meridian Street, Carmel, IN 46032 - map
(317) 846-7760

Merritt Canteen - website
4355 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 06606 - map
(203) 372-1416
Twitter: @merrittcanteen

Recipes in this episode
Canteen Clam Chowder - Merritt Canteen
Grits and Grillades - Katie's Restaurant and Bar
Jersey's Fruit and Nuts Granola - Jerseys Cafe

Monday, March 14, 2011

From Crepes to Kreplach (DV1109H)

Season Eleven, Episode Nine

From Crepes to Kreplach - Original Airdate 3/14/11

This trip, Guy Fieri's rolling out for a little bit of everything. In Boulder, Colorado, a crepe joint stacking them 21-high in a butter rum caramel cake. In Rego Park, New York, a Jewish deli cooking up third-generation recipes for stuffed cabbage and kreplach. And in Spokane, Washington, a pub brewing up a stout-braised lamb cheese steak.

Video from Ben's Best Deli
For video from Foolish Craig's Cafe, click here
For video from Waddell's Neighborhood Pub, click here

Foolish Craig's Cafe - website
1611 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 80302 - map
(303) 247-9383
Twitter: @craigsfools

Ben's Best Kosher Deli - website
96-40 Queens Blvd., Rego Park, NY 11374 - map
(718) 897-1700
Twitter: @BensBestDeli

Waddell's Neighborhood Pub - website
4318 South Regal Street, Spokane, WA 99223 - map
(509) 443-6500

Recipes in this episode:
Foolish Guacamole - Foolish Craig's Cafe - Craig Moelis, owner
Stout Braised Lamb Dip - Waddell's Pub and Grille - Chef Tom Stevens

Monday, March 7, 2011

Soup and Sandwiches (DV1108H)

Season Eleven, Episode Eight

Soup and Sandwiches - Original Airdate 3/7/11

This trip, Guy Fieri is crossing the country for comfort food. In Sacramento, CA, a neighborhood joint turning a bacon blue cheeseburger on its head. In Indianapolis, Indiana, a 50-year-old diner making a classic Italian meatball sub from scratch. And in Pineville, Pennsylvania, a tavern in an 18th century farmhouse, where the locals go for snapping turtle soup.

Dad's Kitchen - website
2968 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95818 - map
(916) 447-DADS
Twitter: @dads_kitchen

Steer-In Restaurant - website
5130 E 10th St., Indianapolis, IN 46219 - map
(317) 356-0996

The Pineville Tavern - website
Route 413 Durham Road, Pineville, PA 18946 - map
(215) 598-3890
Twitter: @pinevilletavern

Recipes in this episode
Beef and Noodles - Indy's Historic Steer-In - Barbara Kehrer
"Bawlmer" Crab Cakes - The Pineville Tavern - Andrew Abruzzese, owner, and Drew Abruzzese, head chef

see also Southern Flavor

Guy Ate Here - the Steer-In Restaurant

Monday, February 28, 2011

Favorites With A Twist (DV1107H)

Season Eleve, Episode Seven

Favorites With A Twist - Original Airdate 2/28/11

This trip, Guy Fieri's rolling out for a new take on old favorites. In Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, a breakfast and lunch spot doing a scratch-made, caramel pecan roll as big as your head. In Oakland, California, a neighborhood joint putting a southern spin on an English breakfast tradition called Bubble and Squeak. And in Manchester, Connecticut, a bunch of Triple-D fans show us a burger bar that's loading a double patty with bacon and house smoked brisket.

Jimmy's Down The Street Cafe - website
1613 E Sherman Ave., Coeur D Alene, ID 83814 - map
(208) 765-3868

Aunt Mary's Cafe - website
4307 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609 - map
(510) 601-9227

Corey's Catsup & Mustard - website
623 Main Street, Manchester, CT 06040 - map
(860) 432-7755

Recipes in this episode
Jersey's Fruit and Nuts Granola - Jersey's Cafe - Blair Laing, executive chef
The Buried Under Cheeseburger Salad - Corey's Catsup and Mustard - Corey Wry, owner
Southern Greens - Aunt Mary's Cafe - Jack Stewart, owner

Monday, February 7, 2011

Signature Sandwiches (DV1106H)

Season Eleven, Episode Six

Signature Sandwiches - Original Airdate 2/7/11

This trip, Guy Fieri is grabbing sandwiches all over the country. In Denver, Colorado, an auto garage turned restaurant serving regional favorites from Southwestern Green Chiliburgers to Maine lobster rolls. In Slidell, Louisiana, a little joint under the water tower putting their spin on a classic southern Po' Boy with house smoked prime rib. And in Indianapolis, Indiana, a cafe in an old Victorian where the house favorite is an original pork and kale sandwich called the D'Nai.

Video for Steuben's
For video from L.A. Pines, click here
For video from 3 Sisters Cafe, click here

Steuben's - website
523 East 17th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203 - map
(303) 830-1001

LA Pines Cafe - website
1061 Robert Boulevard, Slidell, LA 70458 - map
(985) 641-6196

3 Sisters Cafe - website
6360 Guilford Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana 46220 - map
(317) 257-5556

Recipes in this episode
Main Lobster Roll - Steuben's Food Service - Brandon Biederman, Executive Chef
Cajun Corn Pudding - LA Pines - Michael Murray, owner
Blueberry Goat Cheese Pie - 3 Sisters Cafe - Moira Sommers, Co-Owner/Chef

see also Grillin' and Smokin'

Monday, January 31, 2011

A Little Twisted (DV1105H)

Season Eleven, Episode Five

A Little Twisted - Original Airdate 1/31/11

This trip Guy Fieri's checking out the unexpected. In Merrick, New York, Italian family recipes -- in an old fast food joint. In Sacramento, California, a former Japanese grill turned diner where they're doing vegetarian beet sliders along with European classics like old school Rouladen. And in Superior, Wisconsin, a bunch of Triple D fans take us to their favorite burger place, that even they call a dive.

Video from the Anchor Bar and Grill
For video from the episode Part 1, click here
Part 2, click here

The Pit Stop - website
1706 Sunrise Hwy., Merrick, NY 11566 - map
(516) 223-7799

Gatsby's Diner - website
2598 Alta Arden Expy., Sacramento, CA 95825 - map
(916) 977-0102

Anchor Bar and Grill - website
413 Tower Avenue, Superior, WI 54880 - map
(715) 394-9747

Recipes in this episode
Beet Sliders - Gatsby's Diner - Chuck Caplener and Jared Nuttall, co-owners
Sesame Seared Salmon Salad - The Pit Stop - Tony Rubano, owner
Tony's Spaghetti Squash Primavera - The Pit Stop - Tony Rubano, owner
Olive Burger - The Anchor Bar and Grill - Tom Anderson

Monday, January 24, 2011

Quirky Classics (DV1104H)

Season Eleven, Episode Four

Quirky Classics - Original Airdate 1/24/11

This trip Guy Fieri's pulling up for some one-of-a-kind meals. In Spokane, Washington, a joint in a shopping center slathering burgers with a remoulade they call "Goo." In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a Southern/Jewish fusion restaurant serving Bubby's brisket with beans and rice. And in Mandeville, Louisiana, a family-style favorite putting a Cajun spin on Oysters Rockefeller.

Video fro Picabu Neighborhood Bistro
For video from Louie & the Redhead Lady, click here

Picabu Neighborhood Bistro - website
901 W 14th Ave., Spokane, WA 99204 - map
(509) 624-2464

Honey's Sit 'n Eat - website
800 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123 - map
(215) 925-1150

Louie & the Redhead Lady - website
1851 Florida Street, Mandeville, LA 70448 - map
(985) 626-6044

Recipes in this episode
Chicken Chili Corn Chip Pie - Honey's Sit 'n' Eat - Jeb Woody, owner
Potstickers - Picabu Bistro - Jane
Fried Green Tomatoes with Shrimp and Remoulade Sauce - Louie and The Redhead Lady - Louie Finnan, owner

Guy Ate Here - Louie & the Red Head Lady

Monday, January 17, 2011

Funky Finds (DV1103H)

Season Eleven, Episode Three

Funky Finds - Original Airdate 1/17/11

This trip Guy Fieri discovers some hidden gems. In Stone Harbor, New Jersey, a fish shack flying in Paco Paco fish from the Amazon for a Brazilian specialty. In Long Island City, New York, a 14-seat joint doing everything from wood oven pizza to a lunch counter with all kinds of sides. And in Santa Rosa, California, a volunteer-run brunch spot where kids are cooking up huevos rancheros with roasted pork.

Video for Worth Our Weight
For video from Sage General Store, click here

Quahog's Seafood Shack - website
206 97th Street, Stone Harbor, NJ 08247 - map
(609) 368-6300

Sage General Store - website
24-20 Jackson Ave., Long Island City, NY 11101 - map
(718) 361-0707
Twitter: @sagegeneralstr

Worth Our Weight - website
1021 Hahman Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95405 - map
(707) 544-1200
More on the Guy Fieri Foundation Pretzel Cart program

Recipe in this episode
Bourbon-Sweet Potato Brulee - Sage General Store - Leslie Ann Nilsson

Monday, January 10, 2011

Po' Boys, Pasta And Pork (DV1102H)

Season Eleven, Episode Two

Po' Boys, Pasta And Pork - Original Airdate 1/10/11

This trip Guy Fieri is heading all over the country for comfort food. In New Orleans, Louisiana, Guy stops by a Po-Boy Shop with New Orleans legend Emeril Lagasse to sample the Big Easy's favorite sandwich. In Spokane, Washington, an old pharmacy turned restaurant serving up their own pancetta with scratch made pasta, and a pulled pork sandwich with an Asian twist. And in Champlin, Minnesota, a bunch of Triple D fans show off their favorite bar-b-que joint.

Video from Mahony's PO Boy Shop
For video from Q Fanatic, click here

Mahony's PO Boy Shop - website
3454 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115 - map
(504) 899-3374
Twitter: @MahonysPoBoys

Hills' Restaurant and Lounge - website
401 W Main Ave., Spokane, WA 99201 - map
(509) 747-3946

Q Fanatic BBQ - website
180 Miller Road, Champlin, MN 55316 - map
(763) 323-6550

Recipes in this episode:
Pancetta Bacon Pasta - Hills' Restaurant and Lounge - David Hill, owner
The Peacemaker - Mahony's Po-Boy Shop - Benjamin Wicks
Pulled Pork at Home - Q Fanatic BBQ - Charlie Johnson, owner

Guy Ate Here - Hills' Restaurant and Lounge

Monday, January 3, 2011

From Pork to Tofu (DV1101H)

Season Eleven, Episode One

From Pork to Tofu - Original Airdate 1/3/11

This trip Guy Fieri is pulling in for pork and a little tofu, too. In Sacramento, California, a pub where the chef's doing a pork sausage pizza his way - hold the cheese, hold the sauce. In Washington, DC, a Mexican-Salvadoran joint where the big seller is a Salvadoran papusa - scratch made dough stuffed with shredded pork and cheese. And in Philadelphia, a local favorite serving a vegan club sandwich with deep fried tofu and smoked coconut.

Video from the Memphis Taproom
For video from the Tortilla Cafe, click here

The Golden Bear - website
2326 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 - map
(916) 441-2242

Tortilla Cafe - website
210 7th Street Southeast, Washington, DC 20003 - map
(202) 547-5700

Memphis Taproom - website
2331 E. Cumberland St., Philadelphia, PA 19125 - map
(215) 425-4460

Recipes in this episode
Beer-Battered Kosher Dills - Memphis Taproom - Jesse Kimball, executive chef
Sausage and Smoked Slaw Pizzette - The Golden Bear - Billy Zoellin, executive chef
Pico de Gallo - Tortilla Cafe - Catalina Canales, owner

see also Gettin' Fresh

Guy Ate Here - Tortilla Cafe