Monday, October 3, 2011

Homemade & Homebrewed (DV1207H)

Season Twelve, Episode Seven

Homemade & Homebrewed - Original Airdate 10/3/11

This trip, Guy Fieri's mixin' his love of home cooking with his appreciation of homebrew. In Chicago, Illinois, a dive refines small plate Mexican with dishes like shiitake mushroom empanadas and flautas with homemade queso fresco. In Mooresville, Indiana, a New Orleans native is scratch cookin' hometown favorites like jambalaya and blackened catfish. And in Tampa Bay, Florida, the brew is flowing outside the tap and into the kitchen on favorites like meatloaf with homebrewed demi glace.

Video from Zydeco's

Chilam Balam - website
3023 N Broadway St., Chicago, IL 60657 - map
(773) 296 6901
Twitter: @ChilamBalamChi

Zydeco's - website
11 E Main St., Mooresville, IN 46158 - map
(317) 834-3900
Twitter: @zydecos

Tampa Bay Brewing Company - website
1600 E. 8th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605 - map
(813) 247-1422
Twitter: @TBBCo

Recipes in this episode
Red Eye and Cider Brew House Wings - Tampa Bay Brewing Co. - Ryan Kelly
Zydeco's 5 BBQ Shrimp - Zydeco's 5 - Carter Hutchinson

Guy Ate Here - Zydeco's

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