Monday, February 7, 2011

Signature Sandwiches (DV1106H)

Season Eleven, Episode Six

Signature Sandwiches - Original Airdate 2/7/11

This trip, Guy Fieri is grabbing sandwiches all over the country. In Denver, Colorado, an auto garage turned restaurant serving regional favorites from Southwestern Green Chiliburgers to Maine lobster rolls. In Slidell, Louisiana, a little joint under the water tower putting their spin on a classic southern Po' Boy with house smoked prime rib. And in Indianapolis, Indiana, a cafe in an old Victorian where the house favorite is an original pork and kale sandwich called the D'Nai.

Video for Steuben's
For video from L.A. Pines, click here
For video from 3 Sisters Cafe, click here

Steuben's - website
523 East 17th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203 - map
(303) 830-1001

LA Pines Cafe - website
1061 Robert Boulevard, Slidell, LA 70458 - map
(985) 641-6196

3 Sisters Cafe - website
6360 Guilford Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana 46220 - map
(317) 257-5556

Recipes in this episode
Main Lobster Roll - Steuben's Food Service - Brandon Biederman, Executive Chef
Cajun Corn Pudding - LA Pines - Michael Murray, owner
Blueberry Goat Cheese Pie - 3 Sisters Cafe - Moira Sommers, Co-Owner/Chef

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Anonymous said...

Ive been to 3 sisters cafe quite a bit.......its AMAZING! go try it if you havent! If anyone has the video clip from the episode, it would be awesome to see it posted up. I'm going to try my hand at the Kale they have....its delicious and I just cant get enough.