Monday, October 26, 2009

Dives Worth a Drive (DV0710H)

Season Seven, Episode Ten

Dives Worth a Drive - Original Airdate 10/26/09

Guy Fieri hunts down some killer dives. In between Chicago and Milwaukee, a joint topping bacon-wrapped filet mignon with a hot conch salsa; In Cleveland, an old nightclub fresh smoking salmon - for a salmon BLT; And in East Amherst, New York, a local favorite doing all kinds of burgers - even cheeseburger soup.

Video for Grovers Bar & Grill
Video for The Shanty, click here
Video for Parkview Nite Club, click here

The Shanty - website
38995 N Old Highway 41, Wadsworth, IL 60083 - map
(841) 336-0262

ParkView Nite Club - website
1261 W. 58th St., Cleveland, OH 44102 - map
(216) 961-1341

Grovers Bar & Grill - (no website)
9160 Transit Rd., East Amherst, NY 14051 - map
(716) 636-1803

No recipes this episode

Guy Ate Here - Parkview Nite Club - photo credit Rob McCleland


Dora said...

Article about The Shanty,

lono68 said...

The whiskey shrimp looked pretty damn good. Thanks for putting the video up. I'm gonna try to make the shrimp for my family!

Anonymous said...

Love this Programe, I live in the UK but would love to visit some of the places that Guy has been to, they look awsome, by the way guys... Wocestershire Sauce, its pronounced... Wuss-ter Sauce, or Wuss-ter Sher Sauce..., have to gigle over some of the ways people try to say it lol xx

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE that cheeseburger soup recipe!!!!!!!!