Monday, December 7, 2009

A North Pole Christmas (DVSP05H)

Season Eight, Special Episode

A North Pole Christmas - Original Airdate 12/07/09

Guy Fieri heads up to North Pole, Alaska, for all kinds of Christmas favorites: Holiday ham with wild Alaskan cranberries; Reindeer hoagies; Santa burgers; and desserts that look good enough to put under the tree. Plus, northernmost holiday classics from a brewery, a barbecue joint and a Chinese restaurant.

Video from Big Daddy's BBQ & Banquet, YouTube
Video for the Silver Gulch Restaurant, click here
Video for the Elf's Den Restaurant & Lounge, click here
Video for the Pagoda Restaurant, click here
Video for Country Cafe, click here
Video for The Cookie Jar, click here

Silver Gulch Restaurant - website
2195 Old Steese Highway, Fox, Alaska 99712 - map
(907) 452-2739

Big Daddy's BBQ & Banquet - website
107 Wickersham Street, Fairbanks, AK 99701 - map
(907) 452-2501

Elf's Den Restaurant & Lounge (no website)
14 Miles Richardson Hwy., North Pole, AK 99705 - map
(907) 488-3268

Pagoda Restaurant - website
431 Santa Claus Lane, North Pole, AK 99705 - map

Country Cafe - (no website)
235 North Santa Claus Lane, North Pole, AK 99705 - map
(907) 488-8455

The Cookie Jar - website
1006 Cadillac Ct., Fairbanks, AK 99701 - map
(907) 479-8319

Recipes from this episode
Smoked Turkey - Big Daddy's Bar-B-Que

Guy Ate Here - Big Daddy's Bar-B-Que


Anonymous said...

Any way to get a recipe for the "Pagoda Steak" on this episode? It looked great!

Dora said...

I hope Food Network will post recipes soon. But in the meantime, Pagoda's website described the dish this way, "Prime cuts of Rib-eye steak, first seared medium rare, then quickly toss-cooked in a wok with garden vegetables and black ground pepper."

D'LEON said...

Guy, please post the recipes from this show!! I'd love to get the Filet Mignon recipe that was on this show. It was cooked then dipped in buttermilk, panko/almond bread crumbs, pan fried, then covered in a savory mushroom sauce. My mouth is watering!

Anonymous said...

yes please i need the bread pudding recipes filet mignon pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

GeorgiaBoy said...

My girls (6 and 8) and I loved this episode. They want to make some of the recipes they saw Guy making with the chefs/owners. Are any of the recipes going to make their way to a blog posting or formal article (



Dora said...

Hello all. Nothing from Food Network yet (I have hopes, tho!) But I did write to some of the restaurants from this episode. If and as they reply, I'll post those recipes here.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

i can't get the filet out of my mind, u sold it times million.where is the recipie?



Anonymous said...

Just saw this show over the holiday at my folks ... what was the yellow egg sauce that was put on the breaded steak, Thanks for the help ... JEP

Dora said...

Yellow egg sauce. That would be a hollandaise?

Unknown said...

Elf's Den Filet Mignon - I managed to record the show so I could play it back and write it down.

3 main components
1) Bernais sauce
2) Mushroom au jus sauce
3) Panko/almond encrusted filet mignon

1) Make your Bernais sauce and set aside.
(he made it from scratch on the show, I opted for the package type for my first try)

2) Mushroom au jus sauce
Frying pan on medium
Add clarified butter
Add minced garlic
Add mushrooms and saute for a few minutes
Add sherry - light to burn off alcohol
Add beef au jus and reduce to desired consistancy
Set aside.

3) Panko/almond encrusted filet mignon
I like mine medium-rare. I bought a whole filet and cut the steaks 1 1/2" for medium-rare amd 3/4" for well done. This way I could cook them all for the same amount of time.
Start by seasoning the filets - salt, pepper and garlic powder.
Grill the filets for half the normal grilling time. I used a gas grill and cooked them for 2 minutes on each side with a grill temp of about 500.
Take off grill and cover with foil.
In a clean frying pan over medium heat, add claried butter.
Take a grilled filet and dust it with seasoned flour.
Dip the filet in butter milk.
Coat the filet in panko/almond mixture. I used a 3 to 1 ratio.
Fry the filet on both sides until a golden brown.
Turn the filet on its side and fry the edges.

To serve, put the filet on a plate.
Spoon on some mushroom au jus.
Top with some bernais sauce.

This came out great and I cooked mine medium-rare. We have never had filet that was so tender. It melted in your mouth and the sauces add to the experience.

D'LEON said...

Happy New Year Bob!
Thank you so much. I am getting ready to go to the store and this arrived just in time for New Year's Eve dinner at home!
Dena Leon
San Diego, CA.

Benniemom said...

My husband and I just returned from a cruisetour of Alaska. Our final destination was Fairbanks where we took a side trip to North Pole. Dinner that was included, was at Pagoda. I saw the pictures of Guy as we walked in and had to ask the waitress. The food was absolutely wonderful! After a cruise with so-so food, this was a pleasant surprise.

Unknown said...

For thos interested in the recipes:
I went and watched the videos and wrote down the ingredients as they gave them and am experimenting with them. You just have to cut down on the amount of ingredients and play with the recipe.