Monday, August 17, 2009

Name That Cook (DV0703H)

Season Seven, Episode Three

Name That Cook - Original Airdate 08/17/09

Guy Fieri checks out three local namesake favorites: Rick's in Idaho for pork chops with polenta; Nic's In Oklahoma City, a local legend for onion burgers; and Pam's in Seattle, serving classics from Trinidad.

Video from Pam's Trinidadian
For video from Rick's Press Room, click here
For video from Nic's Grill, click here

Rick's Press Room Grill and Bar - website
130 East Idaho St., Meridian, ID 83642 - map
(208) 288-0558

Nic's Grill - (no website)
1201 N Pennsylvania Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73107 - map
(405) 524-0999

Pam's Trinidadian-Caribbean Kitchen - website
5000 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 - map
(206) 696-7010

Recipes this episode
Potato Crusted Salmon - Rick's Press Room
Aloo Pies - Pam's Kitchen

Guy Ate Here - Rick's Press Room

Guy Ate Here - Pam's Kitchen

Guy Ate Here - Nic's Grill - photo credit Jane Holm


Unknown said...

Which restaurant has whiskey on tap?
During the episode a cook was adding a pitcher of whiskey to a recipe. Guy asks why he has that much whiskey lying around and the cook said they have it on tap. I was told it is Rick's, is this correct?

Dora said...

Pretty sure you're thinking about Kuma's Corner in Chicago. They're the one with the bourbon-soaked pear on a burger,

Dora said...

Article about Nic's Grill,