Monday, June 15, 2009

All Over the Map (DV0610)

Season Six, Episode Ten

All Over the Map - Original Airdate 06/15/09

Guy Fieri rolls in for a world of flavor: In Phoenix, a family-owned joint where five sisters are cranking out authentic Mexican tacos; In Seattle, an auto shop turned Greek restaurant serving leg of lamb; And in San Francisco, a little Italian place making grandpa's Bolognese & clams.

Video from Rocco's Cafe, YouTube
Video for Los Taquitos, click here
Video for Georgia's Greek Deli, click here

Los Taquitos - website
4747 E Elliot Rd., Phoenix, AZ - map
(480) 753-4361

Georgia's Greek Deli - website
323 NW 85th St., Seattle, WA 98117 - map

Rocco's Cafe - website
1131 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA 94103 - map
(415) 554-0522

Recipes this episode
Camarones a La Diabla - Los Taquitos
Solomo Kleftiko - Georgia's Greek
Rocco's Famous Chicken Marsala - Rocco's Cafe

Guy Ate Here - Georgia's Greek Restaurant - photo credit Rob McCleland

Guy Ate Here - Los Taquitos - photo credit Jane Holm


Unknown said...

I was led to this site by searching for the show about Los Taquitos, but you only have videos for the other two segments of the episode. Is the video for Los Taquitos anywhere to be found?


Dora said...

Hi Robbie, yes there is. You can see the entire episode on Fancast here -

Unknown said...

Thanks, Dora, but I've already tried that. Here's what I got:

Sorry, this video is unavailable.

It's probably a network issue, so try refreshing the page. If that doesn't work, you may have to come back a little later.

It's also possible that this video has expired. Sometimes, videos are only available to us for a limited time. You might, however, like some of these recommended videos below.

Dora said...

Robbie, oh shoot! I love the concept of Fancast, but I'm new to them as a user. I've been sticking with YouTube since they are so reliable. And to date, I haven't seen a video of Los Taquitos on YouTube. I'll keep looking though!

Unknown said...

Dora, Thanks again. It looks as though the problem is with my own interaction with Fancast. I tried other episodes, then other shows, then even the movie trailers that they have, and got the same thing for all of them, so I have sent them a support email to see what can be done. I even resorted to trying Windows and Internet Explorer (since some websites are short-sighted enough not to be compatible with all browsers), but even that didn't help.

Maybe you could help me with a little more information for Fancast support (whenever they finally repond). Please try that episode, yourself, right now, and let me know if it works for you. Either way - work or not, the answer could help them to troubleshoot what's happening.

Thank you again!

Unknown said...

Hurray! Got it to work. For something else I had tested for someone, I had used a proxy, but had forgotten to turn it off. So, Fancast thought I was trying to connect from another country.

Dora said...

Article about Los Taquitos,