Monday, November 19, 2007

One of a Kind (DV0203)

Season Two, Episode Three

One of a Kind - Original Airdate 11/19/2007

Guy Fieri travels in search of one-of-a-kind joints serving one-of-a-kind food. The truly unique include a local legend in Massachusetts where people line up for whole belly clams, a Michigan joint that serves so many chicken gizzards they named the place Gizzard City, an old-time American diner in downtown San Francisco serving up Portuguese specialties and a lunch truck on the side of the road serving homemade authentic Mexican food

Video from Joe's Gizzard City
Video for JT Farnham's Seafood & Grill, click here
Video for Grubstake Diner, click here
Video for Los Tapatios, click here

JT Farnham's Seafood & Grill (no website)
88 Eastern Ave., South Essex, MA 01929 - map
(978) 768-6643

Grubstake Diner - website
1525 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA, 94109 - map
(415) 673-8268

Joe's Gizzard City - website
120 W. Main St., Potterville, MI, 48876 - map
(978) 768-6643

Los Tapatios - (no website)
1141 Old Bayshore Highway, San Jose, CA, 95112 - map
(408) 729-6199

Recipes in this episode
Gomes - Grubstake
Pork Chops - Grubstake
The "DDD" Burger - Joe's Gizzard City

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