Monday, October 6, 2008

Cookin' It Old School (DV0410)

Season Four, Episode Ten

Cookin' It Old School - Original Airdate 10/06/2008

Guy Fieri uncovers three joints puttin' a piece of history on the table: In New Orleans, an oyster bar where nothin's changed since 1919 and the deep fried oysters are still hand-shucked; in Pittsburg, a neighborhood 'dive' where Mama Nadine's dishin' up roast beef smothered in gravy and in Nebraska, Big Mama's cookin' her Grandma's soul food in an old school cafeteria.

Video from Big Mama's Kitchen & Catering
For video from Casamento's Restaurant, click here
For video from Nadine's Restaurant, click here

Casamento's Restaurant - website
4330 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA, 70115 - map
(504) 895-9761

Nadine's Restaurant - website
19 S 27th St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15203 - map
(412) 481-1793

Big Mama's Kitchen & Catering - website - Twitter
3223 North 45th Street, Omaha, NE, 68104 - map
(402) 455-6262
Twitter: @bigmamasomaha

Recipes in this episode
Oyster Stew - Casamento's - CJ Casamento, owner
Na's Pasta - Nadine's - Nadine Voelker, owner
Big Mama's KitchenOven Fried Chicken - Big Mama's Kitchen - Grandmother Lillie Gleason and Big Mama, owner and chef

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